MACC Construction Projects

MACC main project market is focused in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our latest project was the KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) with ambition to lead the Saudi market and become the pioneer in construction using cutting edge technologies and modern designs.

For MACC's age, construction projects have been adding reputation stars and increasing to enrich our portfolio so that we are now covering all the KSA market

Modern architecture is just the perfect touch we offer in our projects.

MACC Paris based designs and plans ensure our client will enjoy the modern lifestyle under the safest norms in health and safety standards using the certified materials and cutting edge machines with highest precision.

On the other hand, the recycling of available materials and providing other suppliers with second hand raw materials allowed us to be a real environment friendly company taking our share in social responsibility with many other programs that MACC has to empower social engagement.

More than 4000 housing units situated across King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology..

KAUST Apartment System - Thuwal,KSA

Around 100 apartments in the Harbor area especially constructed to fit the most number with the least running cost, eco-friendly materials and cutting edge infrastructure .

Main projects



Service Apartments-Harbor

Servicing Apartments for around 100 apartments in the Harbor area, KSA.

Housing Services-KAUST

Housing Services, for more than 4000 housing units situated across King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology.

Other Construction Projects

Design and construction for many multi million USD project inside the KSA.